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Machin Dunn and MacFarlane

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machin dunn and macfarlane | mdm architecture | Primrose Street | Alloa
  • Neil MacFarlane

    machin dunn and macfarlane | mdm architecture | Neil MacFarlane

    Neil MacFarlane

    Bsc (hons)




    - Energy assessment (SAP 2009)

    - Construction detailing

    - Volume house building

    - Domestic alterations

    Neil graduated from Edinburgh Napier and has over 9 years experience working in private practice. He has been responsible for many developments including the largest NHS dental practice in Scotland and numerous residential developments from domestic scale alterations to volume house building. His knowledge of the current technical standards and architectural detailing is invaluable to the practice.


  • Craig Dunn

    machin dunn and macfarlane | mdm architecture | Craig Dunn

    Craig Dunn

    Bsc Arch, BArch (hons)




    - 3D illustration / Graphic  design

    - Modern Methods of Construction

    - Low carbon housing

    - Sustainable design

    Craig graduated from the University of Dundee in 2006 and has over 10 years experience working in private practice. His role as lead designer ensures he is involved in the conceptual design of the built environment from inception through to completion on site. He has been responsible for residential developments for a range of clients, from individuals through to developers, housing associations and co-operatives.



Machin Dunn & MacFarlane Ltd is an award winning Architectural Practice based in Central Scotland. At the core of our business is the passion our experienced design team has for consistently delivering in quality - both in terms of architectural design and our service to clients.


Since its inception, our practice has emerged as an industry leader in energy efficient design. Our knowledge of innovative construction methods and cutting edge renewable technologies ensures a fabric first approach to sustainable architecture. Our exemplar buildings have become the benchmark for future construction in the UK.


machin dunn and macfarlane | mdm architecture | Alloa | Clackmannanshire
Machin Dunn and MacFarlane | Multi-award winning architecture and design

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